Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Cigar Arrivals

Gurkha - Dominican Republic

  • Viper
Nub 460 - Nicaragua

  • Cameroon
  • Connecticut
Casa Torano - Honduras

  • Robusto
5 Vegas - Honduras & Nicaragua

  • Gold Toro
  • Classic 55 Box Pressed
  • Artisan
Acid Krush Tins - Nicaragua

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Red
Rosa Cuba - Nicaragua

  • Angels
  • Ortiz Laboy
  • Herencia
Drew Estate - Nicaragua

  • Isla Del Sol Toro
  • Naturals Dirt
  • Naturals Elixir
  • Naturals Big Jucy


  1. Just got 2 of the Gurkha Vipers and I am impressed with the construction and feel. These are finely crafted box pressed beauties. I will be lighting one of them later this eve and will post up my synapsis of them afterward. Definitely looks enjoyable.

    1. Here's my two cents on the viper. Pre light draw is very easy and flavorful with hints of spice and smooth tobacco. Lit draw was very easy and provided more than ample amounts of smoke. Flavor was strong and smooth and much enjoyed, the second third tasted more of tobacco and less spice but remained just as smooth as the first third. The final third completely surprised me eith a nutty note. I enjoyed this cigar but it wouldn't be an everyday smoke for me. good cigar though and worth every cent spent. Try one and experience it, see what you think of it.

  2. Recently visited the Shop to get more of my usual cigars and was presented with a sample cigar that the owner had been sent. In return for being given that sample I am pleased to write a personal review of the sample cigar. The cigar that I sampled was CULT and here is my two cents about it.
    The cigar was slightly dark and was well constructed. I have came across cigars before that had issues with damaging the cigar's wrapper upon removing the brand band. This was not an issue with this cigar. The smell of the unlick stick was pleasant and woodsy, and very smooth to the touch. I would say the cigar felt buttery smooth. The prelit draw was easy presented some of that woodsy note that I had smelt on the wrapper. The first lit draw was easy, long, and produced generous billows of smoke. Taste was pleasant and woodsy with an excuisite tobacco presence that lingered for some time. This proved same throughout the first and second thirds of the cigar. The final third of the cigar had my mouth bursting with wonderful flavors of tobacco and much less presence of wood, if any. I would consider this a mid bodied smoke but nearing toward a full bodied. This cigar paired very well a cup of bold coffee, for me. I enjoyed this cigar very much and look forward to seeing it on the shelves of retailers as well as in my humidor. Keep up the good work CULT.

    1. Will,

      Please take look at the blog. Let me know if this works. Appreciate the feedback.